Introduction to Omni Journaling

Omnijournaling is a word I use to describe any type of journaling that includes multiple elements. For example, if  you already “bullet journal,” but like to add things like washi tape, doodles, embellishing, sketches, photos, ticket stubs and other memorabilia – that’s omnijournaling! It’s really just meant to be a descriptive term, and not a separate category of journaling. Think of it as bullet journaling on steroids! Or sketchbooking with added organizational elements… it can be anything you want it to be!

On this site I will be discussing my O-Jo, how I do it, tips for getting started, etc. It will also serve as a resource for ideas, products, and other places to find helpful information.

I will be adding instructional videos, product reviews, and tours of different journals for your perusal and enjoyment. This is really just about the sheer enjoyment of omnijournaling, and encouraging anyone else who wants to do it.

I will also be posting photos to instagrampinterest and twitter (@yippiecahier) as well. Since I only just joined twitter and IG last week for the very first time (!), I hope you will excuse my noob-ness cuz I will be making mistakes as I learn how to do this social media thang!

So welcome! Let’s have some fun!  ~Aeron